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What is Conversational Hypnosis?

Conversational Hypnosis is a technique that you can use to hypnotize someone without them even knowing it.
When you know the techniques you will be able to talk to the other person’s subconscious mind,
and change their behavior, so that the person believes that he or she changed their mind on their own.
When it’s performed the right way, the other person will have no idea at all, that he or she have been hypnotized.

Try imagine yourself being able to do this, and all of the possibilities that follows.
You WILL Have An Unfair Advantage!

Here are 3 steps so you can get started using Conversational Hypnosis.

1. Build Rapport.
Building Rapport is very easy to do, it simply means that you must build a connection of trust between you
and the other person. Building Rapport with someone you dont know, is actually very easy, you can
mirroring their body language, make eye contact while laughing at their jokes, it’s quick and easy to do.
Once you have done that, you want to move on to the next step.

2. Switch The Critical Mind Off.
You are going to switch of the critical mind of the listener by using words like ”Imagine” – ”What If”
When these words are used it’s going to switch off the critical mind of the listener, and let imagination do it’s
work. This will help you to send commands to the other person’s subconscious.

3. Hypnotic Commands.
When step1 and step2 are completed, you want to move on to the final step, Hypnotic Commands.
This is where you will give your hypnotic commands and start to make people do things that you want them to do.
That’s how simple it is, remember that your success depends on your Rapport, and your hypnotic language.

Hope you find it usefull.

To Learn More About Conversational Hypnosis, Visit: This Page

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